Andrew McNeel
About Me
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I'm an obsessive person with interests ranging from software development to meditation & yoga, from climbing to philosophy, from studying chess to playing the piano. I love exploring new interests and experiencing successes and failures alike. Currently, I'm co-running a freelance dev shop focused on web and app development. Our current projects are geared towards generating passive income to allow us time to explore other areas. I have a particular interest in AI safety and alignment, and have been involved with EA community and 80,000 hours to explore this realm and future endeavors.
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Current Work
Tabler - Current / In Progress
This software is very niche to the poker world, but it was a program I used as a player for many years until it went unmaintained. We garnered support from roughly 100 community members to rebuild the software from scratch, using a variety of languages, technologies, and techniques to bring this tool back to poker players. Combines front-end desktop app development, with win32 specific screen grabbing, fully managed by websocket connections and platform-specific python, nodejs, and c++ scripts
Client Work
- Colorado Equity Compass
Synthesized county level and tract data, worked with design team to convey socio-economic differences and allow users to explore their effects across the state of Colorado. Built with Vue / Nuxt
- Data Science Work - Enveda Therapeutics
Built web scrapers for static and dynamic web pages. Post processed said data to be database storage ready
- Barkley
Worked with another design group to create this fun page
- Wishbone Sports
Created this full-stack p2p sports betting app for a client. Combines elements of back-end API gluing, real-time adjustments, and managed cron processes
Past Work / Personal Projects
Design Focused Projects: - Primed Mind Website Versions: - Full Stack Developer at startup "Splice Machine". Worked mostly on web dev but dipped my toes into the ML world here - Primed Mind : CTO started as an intern, hired on full time, managed the iOS / Android development and data analysis Various side projects (mostly private) focused on personal interests. Including but not limited to: - A "solver" for a chess-variant called "Giveaway Chess" or "Suicide Chess" aimed at making and/or trees of proof-of-win nodes - Various browser automation projects, mostly data scraping and button clicking both as client projects and as personal - Poker-world projects aimed at assisting/interacting with tools such as PioSolver to manipulate i/o for better study material
- Version 1
- Version 2